CS-FNX Series

120,000 rpm

150,000 rpm

CP-WX Series

100,000 rpm

90,000 rpm

80,000 rpm

CP-NX New Design Series

100,000 rpm

90,000 rpm

80,000 rpm

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F-7000

Achieves wavelength scanning with sensitivity and ultra high-speed at the highest level of the class! Ultra high-speed scanning has made possible three-dimensional time change measurement, capable of following time-dependent changes of the spectrum. The system’s wide dynamic range shows its power in the measurement of a fluorescent solid quantum yield, as well as in the measurement of phosphorescence.

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F-2700

The operation panel can be standard installed and F-2700  be used by the Stand-alone. The space of PC can be reduced.

U-2900 / 2910 Double Beam Grating Spectrophotometer

An easy-to-see large color liquid crystal display facilitates basic research, providing usability and reliability. Measurement data can be managed easily and European pharmacopeia standards are met.(U-2910 is a PC controlled system)


Is a multipurpose workstation for microwave chemistry researches. This product inherits technologies of former MAS microwave synthesis system and combines advanced microwave chemistry tools developed by world-leading industrial design companies in order to perform:



Pressurized or De-compressive reaction

Low temperature reaction

UWave-1000 Microwave

Ultraviolet · Ultrasonic Synthesis / Extraction Reactor

Automatic variation range of microwave power: 0 to 1,000 W

Ultrasonic working frequency: 26 to 28 KHz; power regulation range: 0 to 800 W

Ultraviolet irradiation light source wavelength: 365nm; power: 300 W

Temperature control range: from room temperature to 300℃

Reaction container volume: 50 to 1,000 ml (10ml and 20ml are optional.)

Reaction container material: Quartz glass

Operating time: 1 s to 6,000 min

MAS-II Plus Microwave Workstation

Normal Pressure Synthesis, Reflux  and Extraction Reaction

It is widely used in researches, such as organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, organic extraction, food science, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, protein research, petrochemical engineering and materials chemistry, etc. MAS-II Plus supplies a versatile reaction platform that is superior to regular heating method.

300℃ (the maximum theoretical operating temperature is 900℃ )

Magnetic stirring system with revolving speed of 30 to 1600 r/min, digital mechanical paddle-type stirring system with revolving speed of 30 to1700 r/min.

50-1000ml standard reaction vessel, condenser, backflow and liquid adding accessory.

70 x 45ML

Closed Vessels

ultra-throughput  capacity

Max 260°C , 5 Mpa

12 x 100 ML

Closed Individual Vessels

TFM (Modified PTFE)

Max 300 °C , 15 Mpa

16 x 100 ML

Closed Individual Vessels

TFM (Modified PTFE)

Max 300 °C , 10 Mpa


Digestion/Extraction System

Singe Magnetron  1000W

6 Vessels

Jupiter Series

Digestion/Extraction System

Singe Magnetron 1800W

10 Vessels


Digestion/Extraction System

Singe or Double Magnetron  2200W

16 Vessels